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tv   Fox 8 News at 10PM  FOX  October 12, 2016 1:00am-1:58am EDT

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good evening the president of the cleveland police union is speaking out tonight. >> this comes after that i team found that he's under investigation for going to a donald trump rally in uniform. we're live. what does he have to say? >> he's as he attended the event in his official capacity as president of the police union and that is why he were his uniform. cleveland police confirmed an internal investigation is underway of whether or not he was allowed to wear that uniform at a rally for a candidate is union endorses. >> the guy guidelines for the uniform policy when out the window with the rnc. i was there representing the
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death cleveland police patrolmen's association president, explaining his decision to wear his uniform to a recent rally for republican presidential candidate, donald trump. >> i was an invited guest there. i went there representing they union. tuesday that i team discovered he's under an internal investigation by the claimant police department attending a rally and akron. this is a 7:00 o'clock event the union has space criticism from the community, after voting to endorse trump back in september. even after trumps latest comments, the endorsement, still stands. the majority of my membership want to see law and order restored though i do see police
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equipment, training, that's in the best interest of every single person in the community. us were uniform policy, i team reviewed it, and said the policy outlines what to wear on duty, but does not say anything, about political events. just like we were our uniforms, for a week solid, with those rnc, we talked a post with pictures of presidential candidates pictures with politicians and dignitaries, and other media folks. the rnc was a good thing. i'm not sure why this is a bad thing, but we'll do with it. if there's a rule is been broken, then we'll do with it. >> what happens next? the findings of the internal review will be referred to the chief's office. he will then make a decision on
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any discipline should be handed out. >> wait and see what culture that internal him. tonight the donald trump campaign is being better days, republican supporters continued to distance themselves in the gop nominee the road to the white house is far from over. a struggle to unite the pardon. there's been some differences of opinion among the gop to say the least f d forward and focusing on the campaign that he feels is most effective. tonight is campaigning and also gave an exclusive interview with bill o'reilly on the latest controversy is facing. in shackles are some of the establishment people who are weak and ineffective people with any republican party, senators and others, paul ryan, led to a certain extent. they were holding -- not questioning holding back, but
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>> that was donald trump addressing a recent series of tweets he fired off calling out who he calls this boulder publicans shunning his campaign. the senator paul ryan said he would no longer defend trump following the release of a more decade that all audio recording were trump could be heard making remarks about women. he is since apologize for the things he said and tape is in some republicans chose to distance themselves. republican national committee is continuing to pledge its support. bill o're could still win the presidency that he is behind in the polls, and asked if he has a plan to speak to women directly or target them with ads to win them over. >> what women want is a will secure borders, safety, law and order, they want a police department it's allowed to do its job, they want justice for all, they want a lot of things that everybody else wants. hillary clinton cannot do it. she's been doing this do for 30 years, she is failed every
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>> he plans to stay the course and he doesn't plan to do anything different. while both men and women want is not to see clinton in the white house. hillary clinton was busy today as well campaigning alongside al gore in florida. >> much to chew on again today. election getting closer all of the time. >> things will just continue to heat up. >> tonight, the floodwaters continue to rise in storm battered north carolina, 17 people have di state in the aftermath of hurricane matthew. hundreds more remain in shelters as close to 200,000 customers are still without power. forecasters say the states major rivers are expected to be above flood stage through most of the week. federal government has declared disasters and 31 north carolina 100 counties. in the meantime in northeast ohio man working for a tree cutting company is killed a helping the cleanup from
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tonight and he is here now with details. >> he leaves behind two young sons. he was one of 15 people from the chagrin falls tree cutting service you travel to florida to help with hurricane relief. >> this was way too soon. he should not have went so soon. >> the ex-wife of the 47 -year-old says he went to florida to get life and give back. the sudden dea to their two sons. >> like a lot of people have some issues in his past and he was trying to make things right, trying to get his life on track and do what he needed to do to be a good father. >> he was working for chagrin falls -based mr. falls tree group monday helping neighborhoods clean up trees, toppled last reply hurricane
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florida. supervisor tells fox the company sent five crews and acquit meant to florida assist with hurricane >> they were at a break and he said he couldn't just stand around, and not do anything, so he walked around the back of the house with a chainsaw. according to the sheriff's office, he was cutting a tree that was already on the ground when a large piece of it, roland >> his nephew was actually down there with him and he was the one was a person screening, went over and found him. several years ago, her ex-husband traveled to virginia to help a storm cleanup there. he tried to do the best he could to help never anybody needed help. >> authorities say a passerby noticed stephen and yelled for help.
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him on the witness performed cpr. >> a sad story coming from an already tragic situation. more than a decade of back and forth to akron high schools will now be come one come of the school board voted unanimously to merge garfield in kenmore high school. they will decide next month or the new high school be located in what it will be called. it is the end of an airfoil known the quick grocery store after more than four decades, nature's business closing its doors for good the store and sloan avenue specialized in national and north -- natural and organic foods for they made the announcement on facebook. the last day's november 12. >> 24 hour since indian punch their tickets to the lcf, tonight fans are really still on cloud nine. >> at this point if you want to watch the tribe take on the blue jays coming out to catch the action on tv. we have more on the already sold-out serious.
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when the cavaliers page want to the playoffs. thousands of toronto fans are coming into town for friday's game. one is already here. >> we just had this magnetic chemistry going for us come we have an entire country cheering for our team because we only have one major league baseball team. we've got a lot of energy behind them. >> she has been caring for the home years old, he may be selling back in 1994. he said he is seen all since then and knows anything as possible. >> eight more wins out of 14 games we are the world champs. >> he's right about that, the numbers do add up. how about that gutsy toronto blue jays fan. >> still to come a bit of a warm-up on the way. andr? will let us know just how long it will last.
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in uniform. what he's under fire for what he did with cameras rolling. >> we take a shot at cleveland and tribes fans are not taking it lying down how the network is responding to the controversy. >> a new lead in a chilling cold case. my police believe there could be a connection between old youtube video and a missing girl. >> you may be sidelined with injury, but this rookie is still earning plenty of cheers. but corey coleman did for some
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they're moving really slowly, it is kind of cool. were starting to see the cloud cover that we've had from earlier today beginning to move out, and were getting into a lot warmer and shine a stellar variety of coors. look at the to the west. time thursday, without the snow. the snow out her certainly come is getting the attention of folks at the ski area, the clouds finally breaking at the end of the storm. can see a lot of snow at the peak of big sky montana. right now current temperature falling into the 50s. and temperatures couple be quite
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couple of mornings as we are seeing the temperature increasing a little bit tonight after high of 6850 tonight, that'll be the average. upper 40s, partly cloudy, mostly clear. tomorrow partly -- mostly sunny. are going to increase the height of the 74, that is 10 degrees above normal these are the beautiful october days, the county warm and dry. t it got another shot coming in for thursday and friday, details coming up. >> still to come come we have a warm-up on the way, were excited about that. love all the details coming up soon in the meantime, local employees are focused a lot more than just hair and nails. inside this very important morning, the higher ups, are not
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later in sports, they make another quarterback move. the book is a huge big test on
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they're unlikely alleys in the fight against human trafficking here in ohio. there now requiring status to
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is being used as a sex slave. >> curling here to cracking down , he is honor, of studios here. she along with 100,000 other cosmetologist throughout the state of ohio are now the latest allies in the fight against human trafficking. >> i went to school and the university of toledo. it is next to the didn't know it had surfaced here. and on the rise in ohio alone, it is estimated that more than 1,000 girls and boys between the ages of 12 and 17 are involved in the sex trade. last year of piracy cosmetology board approve their requirement human trafficking awareness training become a mandatory part of it a cosmetology license and part of the training is how to spot potential victims.
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so-called hymns, may take a victim to a hair salon in order to change the appearance to avoid detection. one of the many red flags. there are several things to have us can look out for once a client is sitting in their chair, including how the client is dressed, i contacted who is paying for the services. >> they come in with someone that's much older than them and they are getting their hair done, dressed and evening wear and it's daytime or very seductive clothing, those are definitely red >> ren? jones is the founder of the empowerment center located on the west side its mission is to help the disadvantaged, including helping to give victims of human trafficking off the streets. is praising the new requirement for hairstylists also make salon safe havens for victims. the salon owner, remembers a former client who may have been a victim. >> i did the understand why she may be had on the stress and it
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she was like have to go here, that's when i was like, this doesn't look right. >> there is no shortage of t-shirts celebrating cleveland sports. >> this one has a higher purpose, the story of a grateful police officer looking to give back. ?living well? ort with move free ultra's triple action joint support for improved mobility and flexibility, and 20% better comfort from one tiny, mighty pill...
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why he's recovering he wants to help other. using this. the winning season to help, here's peggy. and indians when, or going to have to make thousands of these. this is not just another t-shirt to season of the cleveland cavaliers in cleveland indians. it is also to help recognize and spread kindness. something you're always prepared for, training and preparing for. police officer, recovering from a gunshot wound. a way to get back to an organization helps him after his injury. >> is one of the organizations
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do something, to show his appreciation, and the cast and the indians gave him inspiration. >> when the when the championship, two months ago when the indians moved the first place, who knows. >> he reached out to his longti printing shop. the idea, is just an awesome idea, but the cavaliers winning. the championship, the indians were right there. with all the craziness in the world, all the police and place and everything was going on, it's just a great idea. even they been made and are currently for sale. anyone doesn't wish to purchase insurance, portion of the
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it's nice that he's doing there. the double down t-shirts are being sold online as all several locations in the area. go to our website find out where you can get on to help out the police of ohio. >> i couldn't resist buying two of them they look even better in person. tribe fan still furious over this photo. how their other responding to cameras were rolling during a
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ticket to the house. what it up the field is making lots of people smile. ups and downs in the extended forecast. let us know what to expect for the rest of the week. news at ten continues. >> tonight that i team is confronting a man about what he did and what was caught on camera wearing a shares uniform. he's the focus of an internal investigation. i just wanted to talk you about all caps on camera. >> the man turning away same guy caught on cell phone video in an incident dressed as a cuyahoga county sheriff's deputy. he tried to avoid citizens questions, here, he tried to avoid i team by calling into a bathroom. >> look sick you are using the badge to be a bully. >> vista asking you as a member
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>> with cleveland's west side, a property dispute between neighbors. a man and woman to get protection order against him, which hard cleveland cop, now, called a special deputy available for a special assignments from the sheriff's department. >> he told me, you said that you're going to take those. he was notified that you're taking the fence down. >> i want to understand,. >> he's >> i'm asking you if you could give me a moment of your time. >> body camera video specifics of the property, even called police complaining. if anna before hearing on the protection order. were you thinking? >> here at headquarters, the county's been doing an internal investigation earlier, they revealed a letter saying the special deputy had not been
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investigation, not wrapped up yet. >> he is still not talking about why he got involved in a property dispute in that uniform >> that's with the court is for. >> you weren't called there. >> a magistrate held a meeting in court behind closed doors about that protection order for the county said the internal investigation is down to one more witness to be interviewed. new information the deadly police involved shooting and investigators telling fox, a suspect in airsoft pistol in his car. the man robbed a cvs in detroit road, then crashed his car a few blocks away. two officers saw the pistol and shot him the suspect died the hospital. the officers are on both administrative leave tonight. been cut in half for a man accused of hitting and killing a house take highway patrol trooper. he is accused of two counts of vehicular homicide and one count
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he's doing traffic enforcement online in the last month and police say he hit and killed them. early voting gets underway tomorrow in the state of ohio richard voters can cast their ballots in person on weekdays and select weekends through monday, november 7 and if you prefer to vote absentee coming out to prevent get your ballot by saturday november 5. >> photo of a local swat team with one of the presidential candidates has generated of attorneys. what message it sends. dave, has more. >> what the hell do you have to lose, give me a chance. >> donald trump rallies in august at the university of akron. his protective detail that they are members of the summit county sheriff's office swat team.
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they poses outside that thing for a rare photo. this to my knowledge from is the first one about 40 years before that. i really don't, that's your prerogative. it's what you do with a picture. it is what bothers i support the democratic party, this is nothing to do with politics. >> at the picture says 1,000 words, we all know that. see this is a way really trying to tear things down. >> in the meantime, video of macedonia, passing out flyers about tax issues also drawing criticism from some taxpayers. >> workers are paid to work, not to be political campaigners and
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video of workers to serving flyers for a townhall meeting about the tax issues, with the mayor and most of counsel support for the backside of the fire list the benefits of the issues and potential consequences they'll come of the claimed, it's legal, suppliers provide information, and not opinions. there's no political connotation to it. this administration and majority of counsel support, i don't think, that was an abuse of power, do with her supposed to be doing. forget about the campaigning, let's get the work done. >> he did admit to fox, he will use the townhall meeting to encourage macedonia residents to vote yes on those tax issues. believe it or not is time to prepare for the snow. summit county hold the readiness of that to get ready for winter. crews are spending the day checking 26 plow trucks from top
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lights, tires, and pause to make sure that they're ready to go in the snow starts to fly. >> the truck somehow pretty good minor problems, officials also stressed that drivers need to do their part, during the winter season. be sure to get the drivers room to do their jobs stay well below the posted speed limit in order to keep everyone safe out on the roads if you're lucky enough to have a happy, healthy and working furnace, this is a time where it might be a good idea to fired up >> years is coming tomorrow. ahead, i don't think you're going to want to test that tomorrow. >> on the wait a long time for this.
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the loop magglio about tomorrow. with the local heads, it is not unusual to see this last wave in october, you remember the playoff games, was set with new york, the new york yankees it came and all of those came in, the yankees thought that they were mosquitoes, and there are putting bug spray all over themselves. that doesn't do a they don't bite. anyway, i do remember that, and they do come in october, this is the last batch. look at this, beautiful sunset tonight. but a sunrise with an under cast for this is from the web camera at this summit of mount washington and they've got a great website. mount washington .org. this is what happens when you're really high of 6,288 feet above sea level.
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under you. cloud cover the snow coming in, is going to be on top of them. it's pretty benign. that's when the moon, the setting men now, will be active tonight, even more so, as a get into some of the clear nights approaching full moon later at the end of the week. temperature in the 50s. we also, have a host ofha weather in the 40s tonight. that 50 has some spread, 45 -- 50 partly cloudy with that waxing, partly -- mostly sunny. pleasantly warm tomorrow, with a high of 74. look what happens on thursday.
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seventy-four wednesday, then, on thursday, struggled motive mid-fifties. morning showers and clearing come another cold friday 59, that will slowly warm up again 66 to 68 saturday and sunday. late day showers on sunday. >> new fans in northeast ohio for a baseball coverage. but the network is saying about this photo tonight. >> a chilling video bring new life to a cold case the mother of missing girl thinks she
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outrage come over picture used, during post game show after the indians swept the love the red sox. many people, and it's helped tonight, now, has to be is apologizing. the indians a celebrated, advancing to the american league championship series, they appeared less than thrilled to
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it's post game show, this graphic, of the river exploding along with the postgame host, and welcome to cleveland. it sparked outrage online, a clear reference to the cuyahoga river catching fire nearly 50 years ago. tv is picture, actually, a russian river after an under water world pipeline per/chair. us are right. rbc, for the past know, or going a lot better, that's what they're saying here. this represents an antiquated view of cleveland that doesn't represent the sort of development or seeing including here on the river and all the other things happening downtown. everyone wants to be happy and celebrated. this look around come it's an
1:43 am
it's really bad that they did that. permanent online shaving, then apologized tuesday. in the statement, in cleveland come is a great city come we regret the use of the image. we look forward to putting the focus back on at setting a
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cupcake conifer, owner of the cree is being called racist over
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disturbing video posted online and 2009, some believe may be connected to a missing person
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the camera about his new girlfriend, then chose a female apparently down in the small bathroom crying. fifteen -year-old, vanished a couple months before the video is posted in 2009, police say then dropped off by an acquaintance and hadn't seen since. the mother says the video, makes her sick. sounded like her, look like her, it didn't kill, it's hard to i prayed to god it's not. police risk and made aware that video, which is close to a million views on youtube before he was taken on today. a new video shows police chasing a man on her busy interstate and many using a stun gun to stop them. happened near texas are they just northeast of dallas. police say the man sped away and a truck after reported theft
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that started running across several lanes a busy traffic comment officer, then uses his stun gun before handcuffing and placing the men under arrest. amazingly, nobody was seriously hurt. and 93 -year-old bridge is tougher than everyone thought after demolition teams failed to destroy the bridge during a
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a portland oregon bakery, being accused of racism for selling and oreo cupcake they named mr. president. customers to the leaving negative online reviews criticizing the owners of that cupcake. it is described as an oreo cookie baked inside white cake with cookies and cream, butter cream. honor angelika say he said she's blocked, so the cupcake cannot be racist, she said they ritually mr. president because it was so good, they wanted it to hold public office. later found out, the president's favorite cookie was the oreo, for now to avoid the controversy, hayes has renamed to the cupcake, professional. forget about rookie of the year. this standout, just may be son of the year. find out what they did for his mother. coming up next at sports, they
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with a the good times rolling, in the it's not uncommon for autistic kids to flap their hands. and so when i saw that, that was completely disqualifying. i'm a republican, but this election is so much bigger my son max can't live in trump world. so i'm crossing party lines and voting for hillary. i don't always agree with her, but she's reasonable. and she's smart. she can work with people to solve problems. i want to be able to tell my kids that i did the right thing when it really mattered.
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standout rookie for the cleveland browns stores pick off the field. touchdown receiver, told reporters, inc. his mom, but the lifelong support, he did so, by surprising his mom with a brand-new house in his home state of texas. it was a fitting gift, since a day is her birthday or
1:53 am
of the big moment on instagram. continues to recover from after suffering a broken handle last month. big career, very grateful for the opportunity, have the teams, to be able to come back here,
1:54 am
we look forward to it. >> even couldn't see the browns today, they cut him after three stay in cleveland, terminated the contract with an injury settlement after he injured his the on sunday for the browns side quarterback open, the active roster. no word on who will start sunday versus tennessee. the san francisco 49ers there who they will fight sunday, it will be against buffalo bills. now have three opener, but generated attention with a few refusal to stand for the national anthem. the buckeye saturday night, to travel to wisconsin and a big-time conference total. >> to wisconsin. i think it goes back to coach
1:55 am
where the bus best coaching teams the united states of america. very good players, they have their niche, average size 66, 6-foot eight. >> the tempted chimp into, is officially over. they begin their title later this week at quicken loans arena ready to keep the chamber chip train rolling. the one thing, happy for the guys, they won last year, put a bull's-eye on us now, and the defending champs. teams are going to measure themselves against you. >> clear tonight, but not as cold as a last two. they will slip into the 40s,
1:56 am
seventy-four tomorrow, sunshine, that is 10 degrees warmer. it's only when they look cool back down. >> it's going to be beautiful tomorrow. that's all the time we have. thanks for watching, join the morning show beginning at
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>> chris: i'm chris hansen, right now on "crime watch daily" from here in new york... ? ? it's a real-life soap opera and a place called soap lake. >> how would you describe the relationship? >> a big hot mess. >> chris: a millionaire, his young affair. >> caleb was her cousin and then, you married his father, but your husband was your uncle? >> chris: with this wealthy apple baron is found dead with a bullet in his head,... >> all of the evidence points to suicide. >> we believe she murdered him and cold blood. >> chris: is she the grieving widow or is she brought into the core? >> widened to call emergency right away?


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